U.S. Immigration Reforms... The Implications for International RNs

A Contrarian View on Recruiting International Nurses

Even if you don’t know exactly what the term ‘visa retrogression means’, chances are very good that all health care recruiters and nurse managers are aware that there is a significant backlog in international RNs, PTs and others being able to obtain U.S. visas.

Given that this current backlog in visa processing has been in place since December 2006 and with no immediate solution on the horizon, the consensus among many health care employers is to dismiss international recruitment as a viable strategy until such time that visas are again issued in consistent and timely manner.  After all who wants to invest valuable resources today in a process that will deliver an outcome at some unknown time in the future?  Makes sense … or does it? 

Just like the stock market, when everyone is saying “sell” it is almost always a great time to “buy”.  Likewise when recruiters are saying “stop” to international recruitment, it may in fact be the ideal time to “start”.

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